Silestone Color Pulsar

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Natural Inspiration

One step further. The Nebula Alpha series presents a range of colours inspired by the unexpected beauty of nature; soft, deep and balanced.


Calming Luminosity

Ariel Nebula Alpha

Available: Z b

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With its light grey and white hues and textured, blurred veins, Ariel easily integrates into many design style. Ariel provides a pleasant calmness and brightness to any space.

Blanco Orion

Subtlety With Character

Blanco Orion Nebula Alpha

Available: Z b

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In addition to its white luminosity combined with rich, subtle greys, Blanco Orion features gently blurred veining reminiscent of natural stone.

Phoenix Nebula Alpha

Available: Z b


A Touch

Its neutral background, warm tone and unique design allow Phoenix to perfectly integrating with the latest aesthetic trends..

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Intense Depth

Calypso Nebula Alpha

Available: Z b

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Calypso features warm tones that provide contrast and depth and a harmonious elegant colour.

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