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Tops on Top

Cindy Crawford

We introduce the “Tops on Top” campaign with one of the most prominent and esteemed international top models. Cindy Crawford is a compassionate, elegant and approachable woman. The secret to her success is simple and match the values that compromise the Cosentino DNA: a solid family relationship, passion for her work and humility.

Our new brand ambassador for “Tops on Top” presents Silestone in exclusive colors and styles for our 2017 Collection.

Cindy Crawford
Cindy Crawford Silestone

Black is Cindy Crawford's favourite colour but also the one chosen by Silestone for several of its new hues in 2017. Sensual, distinctive, elegant and, above all, timeless, it's perfect to present a collection inspired by the most exotic natural stones.

Introducing Eternal Marquina, a unique colour that turns every project into a timeless space.

Cindy Crawford Silestone
Cindy Crawford

In the world of fashion, it really is important to know how to combine colours. The 2017 Silestone® Eternal Collection presents beautiful strong colours that create incredible synergies..

Discover Iconic White and Iconic Black. Pair them with organic textures, ornamental, geometric or materials such as wood or metal. Endless and unique combinations always on vogue.

Cindy's Tops



What is your Top Food?

I love healthy food, but I can´t live without chocolate.


What is your Top City?

There are so many top cities. I love NY, L.A where I live, Paris and other cities that I have never been to. I love discovering new places.


What is your Top Memory?

There’s no perfect memory. Of course, getting married and having my children are the memories that I keep here - signing her heart.


Top Season of the Year?

I love summer because it reminds me of my childhood and being worry-free. School is over and you have the whole summer in front of you to have fun.
I also love Holidays. I´m a huge fan of Christmas because my mother always made it really special.


Top Vacation Spot?

Anywhere near a beach or the ocean where I can just take a walk or swim and maybe when I come out, sunbathe and have a Margarita at the end of the day.


Top Place to relax at Home?

My jacuzzi. I usually start the day before my kids and my husband get up. I wake up at 6:30am and before my day gets busy, I take my time to relax and start planning the day ahead.


Top Moment of the Day?

I don´t really have one: I love mornings but I also like when all my family is at home and we gather at the dinner table. I love getting into bed with a good book at the end of the day.


Top type of Movie?

I love romantic comedies or a good love story but I also love historical fictions, learning about a different time period, or a different country through a movie.


Top Accesory?

Sunglasses, they come in handy especially when you are tired or having a bad day.


Top Colour?

For my clothes, black, but for my home, white. I have white countertops, a white kitchen and I love to mix it with blue hues and similar colours, that are very soothing in the home.

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